Bitcoin Blender

Bitcoin Mixers Are Blenders of Cryptocurrency


A bitcoin blender is used to make cryptocurrency transactions untraceable to hide identifiers such as addresses. How does that work? In standard banking procedures all of a person’s transactions are traceable. You see deposits, balances, withdrawals, ACHs.

All transactions are traceable. Furthermore, if fraudulent activity happens, it can traced back and the bank can fight for that money back. With bitcoin mixers a user can use a mixer such as to choose which Alpha, Beta, and Gamma coin theirs is mixed with. It works similarly to using a blender sneak veggies into a fruit smoothie.

For example, you add almond milk, bananas, apples, strawberries, and pineapple, and additionally sneak in spinach and kale. It is all blended together to form one smoothie where different ingredients cannot be separated or identified. The spinach and kale are virtually unrecognizable in the rest of the smoothie, but you controlled how hidden they were with the amounts of all other ingredients used.

This is especially helpful when serving a picky eater. It is a method of hiding traceability, identifiers, and addresses. Let’s say the spinach and kale is you bit coin, so you put it in the blender with others’ fruits, at the end of blending the spinach and kale is so well combined that even the pickiest of eaters love the smoothie because all they taste is fruit.


Bitcoin mixers hide user’s addresses so that trading and transactions are anonymous. Using bitcoin mixers is the cryptocurrency version of money laundering and hiding veggies.

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